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The Canivet Coffee Story

Since October 2017, Canivet Coffee has done more than deliver specialty grade coffee: we've created a brand that gives back. Guided by our passion for quality, commitment, and freshness, we roast and grind a specialty grade coffee from Matagalpa, Nicaragua to deliver on our brand promise. To achieve optimal flavor, and optimal satisfaction, we make sure all of our products are the best they can be.

Not only this, but at Canivet Coffee, we believe in a brew that gives back. We donate a percentage of our profits towards police, fire, and EMS service members to show our gratitude for our first responders.


Specialty Grade Coffee

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Canivet Coffee gets its fresh, natural taste through our process of care, love, and perfection we use every day. Just because the coffee community is a big one, doesn't mean companies should put out anything less than perfection. We want to give our customers amazing, energizing, and delicious brewed coffee every single time. Most of all, we want to expand people’s love and passion for coffee to prove that everyone can become a coffee connoisseur.


Genuine Taste

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At Canivet coffee, we are building a brand that gives back.

— Jacob Norwood // Canivet Coffee CEO // Fort Worth, TX //


Meet the team.

Texas natives of the Norwood family built Canivet Coffee on a passion for good, fresh, real coffee.

Jacob Norwood was raised in a small town with the traditional Texas feel. As he grew older, he slowly saw his small town grow into a booming new business hotbed. He then joined into business with his family members and built his fantastic team around him.

With a passion for great tasting coffee, a cause behind every cup, and a taste that redefines the meaning of "fresh", Canivet Coffee is truly revolutionizing the industry.